Most students are exposed to the College Board’s exams (the PSAT and SAT) well before they’re exposed to the ACT. That’s no mistake – the two test companies are in a battle for students, and College Board has found that early awareness of the PSAT leads students to take the SAT (rather than the ACT) when the time comes. In fact, many parents, students, and coaches refer to both exams just as “the SATs.”

The good news is that on the college side, there’s no preference whatsoever for one exam over the other. There are even a few colleges out there that have gone “test blind” and won’t even consider test scores. The best way to know the right test to take (or if it’s even necessary) is to sign up for a consultation with us. We’ll advise whether testing is necessary or not for your student, and if so, what the right path forward is.

Starting SAT prep with Michael Jordan College Prep is completely risk-free. Our consultation, diagnostic test, analysis, and recommendation process is there to make sure that your goals and our goals are aligned. We only bill for tutoring time, so all of our up-front planning process is free. We might recommend self-prepping, we might recommend waiting, we might recommend not testing at all, or we might recommend a tutoring plan.

All of our curricula are sourced from the latest SAT material available. As soon as we have access to a new test, we analyze it section-by-section and question-by-question, revise our curriculum, and use it to work with students.

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