ACT Prep

Over the last decade, Texas high schoolers have increasingly opted for the ACT as an alternative to the SAT. The good news is that every college treats the ACT and SAT equally, and no majors, programs, or regions prefer one over the other (or require both). The most accurate way to know whether the ACT or SAT is the more efficient path for you is through a diagnostic test. After your consultation, you’ll self-administer a diagnostic test (official test material) that we’ll analyze to recommend which test to target.

Starting ACT test prep with Michael Jordan College Prep is risk-free. Our consultation, diagnostic test, analysis, and recommendation process is there to make sure that your goals and our goals are aligned. We only bill for tutoring time, so all of our up-front planning process is free. We might recommend self-prepping, we might recommend waiting, or we might recommend a tutoring plan.

All of our curricula are sourced from the latest ACT material available. As soon as we have access to a new test, we analyze it section-by-section and question-by-question, revise our curriculum, and use it to work with students.

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