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Custom-Tailored ACT Prep

You can improve ACT scores through private ACT tutoring. During your student’s Free Consultation, we’ll determine her academic history, learning style, content strengths and weaknesses, admissions profile, college goals, and score goals. Based on that profile and your student’s personality, we’ll assign a private tutor to execute our plan.

Results-Driven Curriculum

Based on your student’s most recent ACT answers or our official ACT Diagnostic Test, we’ll create an ACT prep program that will help you most efficiently reach your goal: a score colleges won’t be able to resist. Admissions offices are rarely focused on individual section scores; they’d rather see a big happy composite score/high score percentiles. We hand-analyze each Diagnostic Test to find areas with greatest ROT (Return on Time) and sequence programs to maximize those areas.

Student-Friendly Experience

Many of our students report looking forward to private tutoring each week. We, without a doubt, have the best ACT tutors available: full-time professional tutors, 99th percentile scores, months of training, relatable personalities, and, most importantly, a passion for their students’ success. Our two-hour sessions fly by, and parents are often amazed that their students can focus for that length of time.

Comprehensive Support

Going through the college admissions process for the first time? We can help. Few high schools give parents the personal support necessary to feel comfortable navigating through the unfamiliar waters of college prep. We can answer your questions, no matter how simple or complicated they may be. College counseling? We do that. Admissions essays? We do those. Application help? We do that. With Michael Jordan College Prep, you’ll have a partner in this process from start to finish.

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Michael Jordan is an excellent ACT tutor. First and foremost, my son Jack loved him and actually looked forward to their sessions. He connected with him on a personal level by getting to know his interests, and helped him learn in a fun and interactive way. He was always reliable and timely, easily accessible, and flexible in terms of schedule changes.

From a learning perspective, Michael had a high level of expectation with Jack and held him accountable. He provided a plan of action for him so that he could achieve his goals. He also taught him what to expect with the material and testing conditions. We were thrilled that in a very short amount of time, Michael helped Jack exceed his ACT goal. As a parent, I have full confidence in Michael. He made this process easy and painless!

— Kris D., Lewisville, TX