ACT Prep Tutoring in DFW

Your ACT score goals are closer than you think

Some students are great students but awful test-takers. Some are awful students but great test-takers. Some are so-so at everything. That’s where ACT prep comes in.

If your ACT scores aren’t where you want them to be, if you’re worried about test anxiety ruining test day, or if you just don’t know where to start, you can trust MJ Prep’s ACT prep program.

Our ACT prep can help you unlock admission at your target schools, and it can unlock hundreds of thousands of dollars in merit scholarships.

Start with a free ACT test prep consultation

After we get to know you, we’ll chart out the right plan to achieve the ACT scores you need. We’re so confident in the quality of our test prep process and in-home tutors that if you decide to discontinue for any reason after your first session, it’s free.

With MJ Prep, you’ll:

  • See quick results
    • Our students learn the strategy, and skills needed to achieve their ACT score goals in just six to eight weeks.
  • Improve individual content areas
    • In addition to official ACT practice tests, we have our own curriculum to tackle pesky content areas. Geometry is tested heavily on ACT Math. Didn’t have a great Geometry teacher? Unlike for the SAT, there’s no Khan Academy ACT prep. We’ve got you covered through ACT Math practice. We help students target the skills and subjects that will help their score the most.
  • Learn repeatable processes
    • The ACT is a standardized test. We prepare students to conquer the material that shows up on every single test. Targeted individual prep reinforces the skills and habits that students need to achieve their goal test scores.
  • Walk into the ACT confident and prepared
    • Every ACT test is different. That makes most students nervous, but not MJ Prep students. When our students see new questions, their reaction is “Oh, it’s just another one of these!” Rather than losing confidence throughout the test, our students build confidence through the test by identifying all the patterns they’ve prepared for.

We offer convenient in-home tutoring sessions (mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends) so you can prepare for the ACT around your schedule. Get started for free today!

Why our ACT Prep works

Customized to you

You can improve your ACT scores through private ACT tutoring. During your free consultation, we’ll assess your academic history, learning style, content strengths and weaknesses, admissions profile, college goals, and score goals. Based on that profile and your personality, we’ll assign a tutor to execute our plan for your test date. Some students can excel with ACT online prep, but our students appreciate their in-home tutors.

Results-driven curriculum

Based on your student’s most recent ACT test answers or our diagnostic test, we’ll create an ACT prep program that will help you most efficiently reach your goal: a score colleges won’t be able to resist. Admissions offices are rarely focused on individual section scores; they’d rather see a big happy composite score. We hand-analyze each diagnostic test to find low-hanging fruit and easy points, then sequence programs to maximize those areas.

Student-friendly experience

Many of our students report looking forward to private tutoring each week. We have full-time professional tutors with 99th percentile ACT scores, months of training, relatable personalities, and, most importantly, a passion for their students’ success. Our two-hour tutoring sessions fly by, and parents are often amazed that their students can focus for that length of time. Tutoring sessions are teaching time – test prep starts with great strategy. Practice and study time comes in between sessions. Students use our curriculum and official ACT practice questions to prepare effectively for the exam.

Comprehensive support

Going through the college admissions process for the first time? We can help. Few high schools give parents the personal support necessary to feel comfortable navigating through the unfamiliar waters of college prep. We can answer your questions, no matter how simple or complicated they may be. College counseling? We do that. Admissions essays? We do those. Application help? We do that. With Michael Jordan College Prep, you’ll have a partner in this process from start to finish.